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If you ever tried to sell an old car on your own before, you know that the process is incredibly frustrating. At A1 Cash for Cars, we offer an alternative for those looking to get rid of one or more vehicles. When searching for a car buyer Melbourne sellers often choose us because they want to sell those vehicles quickly and avoid some of the more common frustrations.

Selling Cars is a Hassle
When you sell your car online, you must first find someone willing to buy your car. This can take more time than you might think. You may find yourself dealing with people who make appointments to view that car and then never show up, buyers who ask dozens of questions before changing their minds and shoppers who offer you much less than you car is worth. Finding a buyer for a vehicle that no longer runs or is in poor condition is even harder. At Car Buyer Melbourne, you’ll find another option.

Why Sell to Us?
Selling to us is a great way to avoid some of the hassles associated with tracking down car buyers on your own. We purchase cars nearly every day, including newer models that run like a dream and late model vehicles that stopped running years ago. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with buyers who may not show up and worrying about some of the scams that you see online, you can sell to us and get a good price for your vehicle. We come right to you to make the process even easier.

Factors That Determine Price
Car buyer Melbourne companies offer different prices for vehicles. If you ask for quotes from three companies, you’ll probably get three different quotes. That is because most companies have their own ways of doing business and their own algorithms that determine the value of vehicles. We believe in keeping things a little simpler, which is why we use reputable value guides when figuring out what to offer our clients. The age of your car is one of the biggest factors that will determine its price, but the value may also depend on who made the car and the style or trim of that vehicle.

Does Cars Condition Matter?
As you search for someone to buy your car, you’ll find that condition definitely matters. Car Buyer Melbourne will attempt to haggle and get a lower price over condition issues like a window that does not roll down or a dent in the fender. Even minor issues like scratches in the paint or a tiny dent in the driver’s door can make it harder to find a buyer. While others place a high level of importance on condition, doesn’t necessarily matter to us. We make offers on vehicles in fair, poor and even bad condition.

What Do We Buy?
Though you might wonder what type of vehicles we buy, the simple answer is anything and everything. As a scrap car removal company, we even take vehicles that other companies turn their noses up at and vehicles that you think are worthless. We do not include a list of cars that we buy online because that list would take up too much space. The list of vehicles we purchase includes commercial vans and trucks, sedans, economy cars, SUVs and even motorcycles. If you’re ready to get rid of one of your vehicles, fill out our form to get a fast quote.

How Can You Get an Offer From Car Buyer Melbourne?
Instead of spending days or even weeks searching for car buyers in Melbourne, simply contact us for a quote. As long as you know what you want to sell, you can request a free quote. The contact form we offer on our site lets you fill in some details about the make and model of your vehicle, its general condition. You can then let us know how you want us to contact you with your quote. Our form is so easy to fill out that anyone can do it. You can get a quote for your old car or truck in just a few short minutes.

What if Your Car Doesn’t Run?
Many of the visitors to our site wonder if they can sell vehicles that no longer run. You absolutely can sell those vehicles to us. While cars that are in running condition generally sell for more, we can make an offer on a car that won’t turn over, those that lack engines and even if you lost the key. Those cars are often worth less because we use those vehicles for scrap metal. This lets us recycle those old cars and lets you do your part to help save the environment.

Car Buyer At your door step
Getting a personal quote is as easy as contacting us today. After we provide you with the initial online quote, we need to see that car before we hand over any money. You can arrange a time for us to come to your home, but we can also meet you at your office or any other location of your choosing. One of our inspectors will look over that car, make sure that you described it correctly and then decide on whether to raise, lower or keep the original quote. Even if you have a vehicle stuck in the mud or covered in vegetation, we can make a quote and even arrange for a tow truck to pull it out. Tow trucks are also available for vehicles that do not run.

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Get a Quote Today
As a car buying company, A1 Cash for Cars makes it easy to sell a car without spending weeks trying to locate a car buyer. When we buy your car, we give you the best price around and set your price on the overall value of your car. In addition to cars, we also purchase trucks, motorcycles, vans and SUVs. Request a quote from us today to see how much you can get and just how easily you can sell your vehicle.