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Are you tired of coming home after a long day at work and seeing your old junk cars sitting in your driveway? Even if you keep those cars in your garage, carport or yard, you still waste valuable space. At A1 Cash for Cars, we are your car removal Melbourne specialists. With one call to us, you can take back your lawn, driveway or garage again and make some money off those old junkers too.
Working with Others
When you look for car removalists in your area, you’ll find that most companies operate in one of two different ways. Some companies tell customers that their vehicles are worthless and that they will come in and take those cars for free. When you work with those companies, you’ll get rid of those old cars but won’t make any money. Other companies promise to purchase vehicles direct from owners but only want vehicles that are in perfect condition. After seeing that your old car no longer runs or has some significant body damage, the company will turn down your car. We buy cars and other vehicles from locals living in and around Melbourne, even if those vehicles have body damage or engine problems.

What Type of Vehicles Can You Sell?
At A1 Cash for Cars, we buy every type of vehicle you can name. While some think we only purchase cars, we also buy vans, SUVs and trucks. As we have tow trucks at our disposal, we can even come in and pick up a vehicle that no longer run or doesn’t turn over. With our scrap car removal services, you can get some extra cash fast for cars and other vehicles that you own but do not use or do not want.

Top Prices
Unlike other car removalists that give you a low ball offer, we offer a great price for your car. While some vehicles are naturally worth more than others, you never know how much you might get for that old junk car that spent the last few years just sitting around your home. We require a little bit of information, including the manufacturer of your vehicle, its overall condition and the make. That lets us decide how much we can pay you for that vehicle.

Get Rid of a Junk Vehicle Quickly
Once you decide to hire a car removal Melbourne expert to get rid of an old vehicle, you may want that car gone quickly. Some of our competitors will make you wait days or even weeks for an estimate and even longer for a tow truck to come to your house. We believe that there is a better solution out there, which is why we take steps to make the process go as quickly as possible. Many of those who use our services actually get same day service.

How Our Car Removal Services Work
As one of the top scrap car removal companies operating in Melbourne today, we want those interested in selling their vehicles to us to know just how the process works. You first need to request an estimate from us. You can get an estimate over the phone or online. We use basic details about your car to get an idea of how much it is worth. Once we provide you with an estimate, we’ll schedule a time to come to your home or a location of your choosing. After we inspect your vehicle and determine that it matches the information you supplied, we’ll tell you exactly how much it is worth. If you accept our offer, we can give you cash on the spot and remove that vehicle the same day.
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Get an Offer Today
Do you need a little extra cash before your next vacation? Maybe you want to put some money into your savings account or put some cash back for the holidays. When you have a vehicle that you no longer use, you have a little goldmine on your hands. You can use the cash we give you for anything you want. Between our online services and our local office, you can get a free quote to see the value of that vehicle today.

No Hidden Fees
Some Melbourne locals worry about working with car removalists because they hear about hidden fees. Our competitors will often quote you one price and then charge you a processing fee or a fee for towing your old car away. When we give you a quote in person, we pay you the exact amount that we quoted. You will never pay any hidden fees or find charges on your bill that you do not understand. If we quote you $4400 for your old truck, we’ll have you $4400 in cash on the spot.

How Much Can You Get?
It’s hard to tell how much you might get for a junk car. We base our quotes on factors like whether the vehicle turns over, if it needs any engine repairs and what the body looks like. Factors like scarcity or rarity can add to that quote too. We use reputable value guides to determine just how much the car is worth based on condition. Even a vehicle that spent years sitting in your yard that has four flat tires and hasn’t started in several years may be worth a few hundred dollars. You can request a quote to get help deciding whether to sell your car to us today.

As your leading car removal Melbourne specialist, A1 Cash for Cars is your leading choice for the removal of old junkers. We purchase vehicles ranging from commercial passenger vans to economy vehicles designed to use less fuel. When you meet with one of our representatives, we will never force you to sell to us. We always give you the option of turning down our offer or coming back later to accept that offer. For scrap car removal in and around Melbourne, turn to A1 Cash for Cars to get the most out of all your old junkers.